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Sane Chem Ceylon

Rainbow Sane Chem Ceylon


Rainbow San Chem (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1989 and approved by the ministry of fisheries. We are over 150 employees currently employed. It is located in Dankotuwa, Sri Lanka. This is one of the companies that operate under the Rainbow group of companies.

We use the finest ingredients to provide high-quality products where you can taste the difference. We always try to provide great satisfaction to end-users in taste in every piece and drop. All our products are locally sourced meaning that they support our fishermen, provide employment to hundreds of staff and save on foreign exchange.

The maintenance of the quality standards by adhering to the HACCP procedures to guarantee the quality of our products. Rainbow san Chem Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd is a modern high-tech fish Canings Company fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure the application of the most stringent quality assurance methods in every aspect of its profession.


Our Vision


Our vision is to alleviate poverty by producing essential seafood with synonymous quality, service, and value to the world and creating employment opportunities for underprivileged communities of Sri Lanka while utilizing Ocean for maximum benefits for the national economy and becoming the Pioneer in Seafood.

Key to the vision of Rainbow san chem (Pvt) Ltd was their belief in managing as many aspects of the business as possible not only the fishing fleet but the processing factory transport and line of trading as well.
This outlook enabled them to steer a more forward-thinking course despite market fluctuations. Thanks to this commitment Rainbow san chem (Pvt) Ltd shortly become the premier supplier of Tuna and other Seafood in the world.

Our Mission


  • Provide excellent service to both producers and customers.
  • To elaborate high standard products focusing on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
  •  To implement modern methods of catching Fish, other Seafood and obtain the maximum yield over the national average.
  • To maximize the utilization of Ocean using up-to-date technology and process Seafood and thereby increase local and global food production