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Coconut Flour

Coconut Flour

Rainbow Coconut Flour is made with the coconut kernel without its brown skin; a bi-product of Virgin Coconut Oil. It is finely ground using a high-speed grinder to make it into powder form.

Our flour is cream- coloured, has a soft fine powdery texture and adds a hint of coconut aroma and taste to your baking. It can be mixed with wheat flour to enhance the taste of food.


100% Organic Virgin Coconut Flour

  • Low Fat (10% Fat content)
  • No Preservatives
  • No Additives
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors

Additional information

  • Container – Poly bags
  • Volume – 0.5Kg, 1Kg

Dietary Information

  • Gluten free substitute
  • Lactose free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Suitable for Vegans and Non-GMO

Nutritional facts

High Fiber content, low in carbohydrates, with over 90% of coconut oil is composed predominantly of heart healthy medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA), also known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCT); of which, more than 56% is Lauric acid. A good source of protein.


  • Suitable for Baking or as a thickening agent
  • Can be used in your favorite recipes to create delicious, nutritious and wonderful foods without the health risk associated with refined grain flours